More than just a one-time cash infusion, New Dominion portfolio companies benefit from the vast wealth of contacts and experience of members gained from the years of collective experience as successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors. New Dominion periodically takes active Board positions in companies and can provide assistance in areas such as sales lead generation, identifying key hires and follow-on financing. 


New Dominion strives to create an efficient, transparent and meaningful experience for companies and our process emphasizes a high degree of interaction between the company and investors. Regular feedback, reciprocal learning and relationship-building are key features.

1. Application Submission. Entrepreneurs may submit investor materials either directly to shane[at]newdominionangels.com or www.gust.com. (However, the best way to get in the door is through a referral via a New Dominion member or professional connection.)

2. Initial Screening. We will follow-up with companies that fit our investing criteria for a phone screening. We try to respond to all applicants, but the volume can be high. Also, please do your homework to make sure you are a fit for our group.

3. In-person Screening. Five companies are invited to participate in near-monthly meetings with our Screening Committee.

4. Dinner Meetings. Each month we select two companies to meet our members at Dinner Meetings, where companies pitch and field Q&A. After the presentation, members vote to either advance to due diligence or to stop the process.

5. Due Diligence. If a company reaches the requisite interest threshold, we form a due diligence team made up of NDA members who have relevant technical or industry backgrounds. We may include a skeptic.

6. Investment. If the company passes through due diligence in high standing, New Dominion presents a due diligence packet to members who make individual decisions on whether to invest. New Dominion then pools committed capital together and forms a single investment vehicle to execute the investment, targeting a minimum aggregated investment of $200,000.


Submit your executive summary and pitch deck to us HERE

Or, send us an email at shane[at]newdominionangels.com.