New Dominion Angels was formed with the intention to make group angel investing accessible, fun and intellectually stimulating. We strive to offer a friendly, collegial environment and at our core believe that investing as a collaborative group fundamentally improves the likelihood of making better investment decisions. Furthermore, the value of our members to entrepreneurs should enhance the prospects of success for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.

We look for companies with elegant, transformative solutions to clear problems in big markets that can scale, with smart, motivated and trustworthy entrepreneurs.  We do not restrict ourselves to specific industries when considering investments, though the majority of our portfolio companies fall into SaaS or Internet-of-Things categories.

We prefer investing in local entrepreneurs, and primarily invest in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Typically we participate in Series Seed or Series A Rounds and are comfortable with convertible notes, provided there is a conversion cap and other standard terms, and often syndicate investments with other regional investor groups.